Code of Conduct

Virtual Campus students are expected to be respectful towards one another and follow their school Code of Conduct. To support online learning and for the safety of our students, parents are expected to work in a partnership with their child’s teachers.

Below is more information concerning the virtual classroom that is to be discussed with your children:

  • Students will be expected to turn on their camera in various contexts (for ex., attendance, physical education class, evaluations, activities requiring exchanges, etc.) to facilitate exchanges and classroom management and to ensure a good learning experience.

  • Online classes are reserved for students and teachers only. For the safety of all students it is important that teachers are able to manage who enters their classroom. As in the classroom of their home school, our goal in the Virtual Campus is to create a safe environment where students feel comfortable sharing and learning.

  • Students have the responsibility to participate in class and submit assignments following the deadlines provided.

  • Students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner.

To speak with a teacher, contact the teacher by email and an appointment will be scheduled.

Not following the above mentioned, may result in teacher and administration disciplinary action.

Online Meetings - Netiquette and Best Practices